Pumpkin Vines LLC is committed to reducing our impact on the enviornment with products and events for parents and babies.  

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Major tenets of Natural Parenting
Collaboration within our community and family unit
Accountability for what we put in and on our bodies
Responsibility for what we use in our environment
Engagement with the environment  

In 2015 the owner of Pumpkin Vines LLC began sewing cloth diapers. By 2016 they started by importing cost effective cloth diapers to give families a way to try them without breaking the bank.

Since 2016 Katherine has been running events that promote a more sustainable way to raise a family. She also goes to farmers markets, baby fairs and other outreach events. The goal with all of the outreach events is to bring community together while providing information and fun activities that support local nonprofits and businesses in our area.

In 2018 a manufacturer that we had been working with for years sent along information about washable menstrual napkins. The addition of reusable menstrual products has dovetailed well into the products that Pumpkin Vines already imported.

As a family we believe everyone can benefit from learning about skin to skin contact, baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-bathing, elimination communication and positive parenting. We believe this can be done through 1:1 interactions and in group environments. At our events we try to make sure that are opportunities for parents to learn about these parenting choices.
Pumpkin Vines believes that all parents need to trust their instincts; it is the goal at our events and on our informational website that all guests feel confident in their choices for their family. We respect that every family is unique and know that what is right for one family may not be right for the next. 

Diaper for a Day Package

Diaper for A Day

The Diaper for a Day package was the Original Product from DiaperAddict.  It is a package of everything a family would need to diaper for a single day.  

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